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Online Notary Services

Notary Services

Avrion Law provides essential notarization services for fraud prevention in various transactions. They offer expert drafting of vital documents like Letters of Invitation, Affidavits, and Child Travel Consent Letters. Notarized birth and marriage certificates authenticate documents submitted to financial institutions and for legal purposes. Witnessed and notarized forms, such as Statutory Declarations, verify the legitimacy of signatures. Count on Avrion Law's expertise to ensure proper notarization, granting peace of mind and security for your crucial affairs.

Dilvir S. Tatter, Principal Lawyer

LL.M., LL.B. (Honours)
Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public

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Online Notary Services

Instructions for Online Notary Document Upload:

  1. First Name: Enter your first name in the provided field.

  2. Last Name: Input your last name in the designated space.

  3. Email: Provide your email address for communication purposes.

  4. Phone: Enter your contact number for further assistance, if needed.

  5. Briefly Describe Document and Any Instructions To Be Followed: Please provide a brief description of the document you need notarized along with any specific instructions or requirements.

  6. Upload File: Use the file upload button to attach the document you want to be notarized.

  7. Submit: Click the "Submit" button after filling out all the necessary fields to proceed with the document upload.

  8. We will Generate an online invoice, pay it online

  9. We will notarize the documents and send it back to you online or you can pickup from our office in person


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